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The great news coming from Apple is that all new iphones from models 8 onwards, now have built in wireless charging as standard, which is a great step forward. If a little behind the curve, Samsung, Sony, HTC and others have all had this feature for a number of years. But better late than never.

Something else that’s quite useful is that the wireless charging technology is common between both Apple and Google devices. Which means they can both use the same charging pads – when could you every charge both Apple and Android with the same charger? the answer is like never.

What this means is that if you share you home/office/space with those Android folk, you can now share chargers and charge together.

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Old iphones can be Wirelessly Charged too

That’s great for the new phones but what about the old Apple iphones? Are they just excluded from the wireless charging world? Well apparently not. Sites like this one iphone wireless charging allow all previous models of iphone to charge wirelessly. Which is both compatible with the new iphones and all those Android phones as well. A home run if you ask me.

Plus, converting your phone to wireless charging isn’t going to break the bank. It’s a simple device, plug it into the iphone’s connector, then fold the little panel over the back of your iphone, where it sticks to it. Then place it on any compatible charging pad and watch it charge.

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Some Things to Remember

Remember this is just a trickle charge it’s not as fast as direct charging. But the main thing is to get into the habit of placing it on a charger when not in use. Then you can just grab it, if it rings without having to disconnect the charging cable.

When you’re on your way out, you’ll (i) know where the phone will be and (ii) you’ll know that it’s going to contain some charge as opposed to no charge. All very useful traits to have.

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