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Most people in the west drink a westernised style of tea, which is derived from the English and perfected by the Victorians. Tea with with milk and sugar. However tea in the far east was a subtle blend of various plant leaves to produce a more delicate more fragrant drink. But this somehow got lost as tea went westward into Europe.

The traditional way to make tea is use a teapot. then boil water, warm the teapot first add the boiling water then mix in the tea leaves. Some people add the tea leaves first then add the boiling water. I don’t think it matters too much which way round one does it.

There are many types of tea and a whole world of Chinese teas to discover.

Chinese tea  Japanese tea

Teas from the East

However you can’t do this with green and white teas, boiling water is just too hot and scolds the delicate tea leaves. The end result is a mediocre tea, a tea that’s not at its best. The history of tea

Kettles that allow you to set the temperature

However good news is at hand, someone invented a variable temperature kettle and as you can see in this link to the variable temperature kettles site There are many fine examples. Kettles which heat water to a selected temperature are now as easy to purchase as are the standard, more traditional kettles.

It must now be self evident that heating water up to the correct temperature to make tea is perfect for those of us that have struggled to make the perfect cup of jasmine tea. We’re now able to brew these green, white, and black teas just as they should be – at the ideal temperature.

Other benefits that a Kettle with a variable temperature gives

Another advantage is that making tea correctly ultimately saves money. Why? Because by not boiling water you’re not wasting energy. You not going to save a fortune but remember the old proverb “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”. So any money saved has got to be a bonus.

The other benefit is that these variable temperature kettles aren’t that expensive either. There are more expensive models with extra features but in my opinion these aren’t necessary. You just need the basics, able to set the temperature and that’s it. But luckily all models are able to keep the water at the selected temperature for a period of time, which is another nice bonus.

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