Pink Luggage Sets

pink butterfliesPink is my Color

My color is pink, pink pink and pink. I’m not pink mad you understand, I don’t have everything pink. But I use it as an accent color, as a color in my clothing, on my nails, pink highlights in my hair, you get the picture – I like pink.

My Travel Requirements

I wanted a three piece luggage set and out had to be, you guessed it pink. I went to this site Pink Luggage sets. They have five of the very best pink luggage sets around. Which made my job a lot easy. Rather than wade through hundreds of pink luggage sets and check specs and reviews, they did it for me. A no brainer really.

Go for Chunky Wheels

I’ve had spinner cases before and one of the first things to go are the little wheels (why don’t they make these extra tough). When the wheels go the case becomes useless. Unless you can replace the broken wheels, which unfortunately you can’t on most cases.

They other thing that happens with wheels is they stick or become jammed. That’s a real pain pulling a heavy case that wants to go in a different direction. So I made sure that the wheels on my new pink luggage set were up to the task.

Why I Chose a Three Piece Luggage Set

But why choose a 3 piece luggage set? For me I drive around to friends at weekends and up along the coast. Three cases means I can take a lot of things. But as usual there’s always soothing I forget but that’s a different story. Choosing a Luggage set

If I fly I take the biggest and smallest cases and leave the mid sized one as home. The small case I use as hand baggage and take it into the aircraft cabin with me.

The suitcase I choseA Pink Hardshell Luggage Set for Me

I chose hard shell luggage because they’re made from tough plastic and I know that airports throw cases around, especially when you can’t see them doing it. So those cases have to be of sturdy construction.

Other Things I consider

The next thing I look to is the locks. I want tough tamper proof locks that don’t just fall to pieces when yanked.

Finally, the zips. The zipper has one function and that is to keep the bag closed. But as in everything else, there zips and there zips. But surely all zips are created equal?

Cheap zips tend to jam easily or break as you apply force to get the case to close (trying to get too much in). Or the zip puller gives way and snaps off. packing the case the right way

I’ve had cases where the zipper completely failed and I had to buy a belt at the store to keep the case from spilling the contents all over the floor. Luckily I was driving. If I’d been flying I would have to have bought a new case. More tips on packing your case

Storage When Not In Use

The storage does it for me. I don’t need to tell you that each case fits inside the next one up. So I only need storage for the big case. That’s a real plus because I live in an apartment and every bit of space is important for me.

So there you have it a nice pink luggage set, well put together and which I expect to last me a long time. Well worth the investment.

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