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We’ve always had a electronic keyboard in our house. It was for me really, it’s in a quiet part of the house where I can go and indulge. I can play and sing to my heart’s content and not bother anyone else.

By everyone else I mean my wife and our the children. They will normally go and watch a movie together and they’ve gotten used to me leaving the family group and doing my own thing.

I even like doing the tidying up in the kitchen because I can put on a CD and listen and sing to whatever I fancy. I find it very uplifting and it puts me in good spirits.

Teaching my Kids to Play

We both made a conscious decision that all children would be taught to play piano. Not from me, although I would help and encourage them, but from a proper piano teacher.

It’s that formal teaching that counts. Taking away from the house in another environment that focuses the mind on the task in hand – which is learning to play the piano.

Why did a do this? We’re we trying to create the next great concert pianist? No, what we wanted to do was to stretch their minds. I believe and my wife agrees, that young minds are very malleable. When you learn a musical instrument, at a very young age, you’re flexing your mind and making it more adaptable, opening up different neuron pathways in the brain.

It’s also a great thing to be able to create music and we hope that our children will get the music bug and that it lives within them for ever.

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Time to get an 88 key digital piano

After lessons, the children are given something to practice, at home, until the following lesson. Straight away I realized that my keyboard wasn’t up it. The children were being taught on a real piano and my keyboard has a small keyboard. Good, but not the real deal.

That’s when I decided to upgrade. We couldn’t afford a real piano but I wanted something that had a full keyboard and correctly weighted keys, like the ones here

So that’s what we did, we very quickly bought an 88 key keyboard for my eldest daughter and it paid off. Her piano playing skills have come on leaps and bounds.

And as a bonus, my playing has improved as well.

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